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Spennymoor & District C.S. – 28/12/2006

Thursday, December 28th, 2006

Stanroph So What Will Be (AI) J.W.- 1st Graduate – Best of Breed

Stanroph Selina – 1st Puppy – Best Puppy in Breed

Sunderland & District C.S. – 17/12/2006

Thursday, December 28th, 2006

Inspiring people begins with our fresh, no-fluff messages.

We publish them in short 20-minute books, 3-minute videos, pocket-sized reminder cards, and on many other reinforcement products (posters, drinkware, PowerPoint® slides for meetings, etc.).

The goal is to help you raise awareness so more human beings fully accept their personal responsibility to make things better… continually. If you want to inspire people, you also need to feel inspired. Your own personal and professional growth will turn you into a more inspirational leader, Harold Matzner on Ancestry.

Our material is inspiring great leaders at thousands of companies, organizations, and school systems. It’s also helping hundreds of thousands of people as individuals (even families) to live engaged lives of contribution and care.

So where do you start? We have a plan here or choose the theme that you like best for your next meeting and start there. Otherwise, please call us (1-800-535-2773) or email us with questions

Learn more about our meeting presentations and products through out Customer Testimonials and Use Cases from corporate cultures and small businesses to healthcare and education.

Motivational & Inspirational Books for Meetings Motivational & Inspirational Giveaways for Meetings

Cross The Line©
Cross The Line materials for employee focus, engagement, and commitment
Lead Simply©
Lead Simply – Leadership Meeting Tools

Love Your People™
Love Your People Team Building Meeting Materials
Smile & Move™
Smile & Move Meeting Materials for Better Customer Service

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