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N.W.G.R.C. Ch Sh – 19/4/2009

Tuesday, April 21st, 2009

Sh Ch Stanroph So It Had To Be – 3rd Veteran Dog

Stanroph So What Will Be – Res M/Limit Dog

Stanroph Stare If You Dare – 2nd M/Limit Dog

Stanroph Storm Weather – Res Graduate Dog

Stanroph Star Boy – VHC Limit Dog

Stanroph Style With A Smile – 2nd Post Graduate Bitch

U.G.R.C. Ch Sh – 18/4/2009

Tuesday, April 21st, 2009

Stanroph Style With A Smile – 1st M/Limit Bitch – Res CC, Res Best in Show

Balanced and well made overall, presented and handled to advantage, in good coat and condition and moved well. Res CC & Res Best in Show

Stanroph So What Will Be (AI) – 1st Limit Dog – Res CC

Very pleasing type with lovely head and kind expression , good reach of neck & layback to shoulder, good body proportions, strong quarters, presented and handled to advantage, moved with drive, Res CC


Nuneaton & District C.S. – 12/4/2009

Tuesday, April 14th, 2009

Stanroph Smile of Heaven Over Johannson – 1st Puppy, BEST PUPPY, BEST OF BREED, GUNDOG GROUP 2

Hereford & County K.C. – 10/4/2009

Tuesday, April 14th, 2009

Stanroph Smile of Approval for Cherrygold – 1st Puppy, BEST PUPPY, GUNDOG PUPPY GROUP 2

Rossander Royal Dutchess - Res Puppy

(by Jr Gib Ch Baron of Stanroph du Domiane des Rives de L’Erdre)

G.R.C.S. – 11/4/2009

Tuesday, April 14th, 2009

Sh Ch Stanroph So It Had To Be – 1st Veteran Dog, RES CC

Excellent class, could have done with more cards. – Super head and expression, quality well balanced, still covering the ground with ease from correctly angulated forehand and hindquarters, straight forelegs, strong pasterns, level topline standing and on the move, have not changed my opinion of him and as always so well presented and shown Res CC

Stanroph Style With A Smile – 1st Post Graduate Bitch

Dark golden, flat coat gleaming with condition, kinetically balanced and shown to advantage, free standing on good bone and catlike feet, wagging her tail.  Heavier in  head than I would like but it is well proportioned and set on a neck of good length leading to well laid shoulders.  Level topline, deep short body, good tailset and strongly made quarters, in hard muscular condition, drove from strong hocks and had good extension in front, moving effortlessly and freely, at one with her handler.

Stanroph Stormy Weather – 3rd Graduate Dog

5ª Exposicion Canina da Moita-PortugaL – 4/4/2009

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Baron of Stanroph du Domaine des Rives de L’Erdre – CC, BOB, BEST OF GROUP 8

Y.G.R.A. – 5/4/2009

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Sh Ch Stanroph So It Had To Be, 1st Veteran Dog, BEST VETERAN IN SHOW

Like a good wine he just keeps getting better, a dog with style and quality, lovely head, good neck, well laid shoulders, a dog with scope put over a large frame, excellent angulation, good construction throughout, he demands attention, Best Veteran

Stanroph Style With A Smile – 1st Post Graduate Bitch

Won this class on the final run off when her fluid easy movement with reach and drive on the side gait was so evident.  Has femininity yet substance, plenty of depth of body, obvious correct angulation or she would not have the freedom of action. All this topped by excellent condition, this bitch is certainly exercised to have this degree of muscle, beautiful bloom to the coat.

N.G.R.A. – 4/4/2009

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009


Stanroph Silent Shakira – 1st Junior, 1st Yearling, 1st U/Graduate


Good class of Juniors here all at different stages of coat and maturity, this one appealed for her total balance, presented and shown to perfection, beautifully turned out, dark bitch of quality, free shown to advantage.  Pleasing head, strong neck, super shoulders and front, neatest of feet, tight elbows, well ribbed, strong quarters, straight hocks, power accurate movement, carrying just the correct amount of weight.

Stanroph Style With A Smile – 1st Limit Bitch, Best Bitch, BEST IN SHOW

The most beautiful bitch from any angle, in full dark gleaming coat, free shown to advantage and with that look at me factor, I had to!  This is what I found, balanced bitch of quality, good head and depth of muzzle, strong well set on neck, superb shoulder angulation, complimented with equal length of upper arm.  Tightest of feet, strong pasterns, tight elbows, good depth of brisket, well ribbed, correct weight, well made, strong backend, good second thigh.  Straight hocks and when she moved she just got better.  Despite the heat she could have moved all day, can see her easily doing the day’s hard work the breed was bred to do. Best in Show

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